We all know that teachers have a busy schedule with all the additional extramural activities, all while an endless stream of learners harass you for extra help. You want to achieve great results, and you want to help them, but when? C2B2A would like to help you by offering you the opportunity to help those struggling students. Through virtual classrooms you can offer them the value of addressing all of their (and your) concerns in a setting which is convenient to all.

All Schools will have their own Lesson Scheduler whereby Teachers (Administrators) will be able to add lessons as well as which students and teacher will take part in the class. Once they enter their School Homeroom they will be able to see all Upcoming Lessons as well as all Previous Lessons. If the Teacher recorded the lesson they would be able to view a playback of the entire lesson for other students to watch, making it easy for students who missed lessons to watch in their own time once they have logged in. All students attending your school and using our Tutors would be linked to your School and would be able to use their own login to access lessons scheduled for them.