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C2B2A was started by two ordinary parents.
Matt and Tonia are blessed to have
3 teenagers (2 girls and a boy) between them.

Desperate to give our children the best possible opportunities, and daunted by the financial prospects which looming tertiary education presented, we - like most other parents - were both forced to work to cover current and prospective costs. Arriving home, frazzled from our respective days, we would get dinner prepared, while listening to all they were willing to share with us. Then they would turn to us to help with Physics; Accounting or Trig, and it all unravelled.

Hiring a tutor presented another dilemma. Did we allow a stranger into our home to teach our children while we were at work? The prospect of someone to invade our evening privacy and the last remnant of family life? But if not - who was going to get them to and from extra lessons while we were working? Chatting to parents in our community, we were not alone.

That's when Matt considered online tutoring! Two of our kids were comfortable with computers - now they could put this to good use! The third was a far more diligent student but had less aptitude for computers and here was an opportunity to use computers for something she found useful and to increase her aptitude for a medium which is already integrated into almost every facet of life. "If only we'd thought of this earlier..."